Legal and Employment Relations Services-WARING EMPLOYMENT ADVISORS

Legal and Employment Relations Services-WARING EMPLOYMENT ADVISORS


 W e are a full service law firm and industrial relations consultancy offering personalised and professional service for all of our clients.
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We provide advice and representation in the following areas of the law:  
  • Employment Law and Industrial Relations
  • Conveyancing
  • General Commercial matters
  • Wills and Probate
  • Litigation
Industrial Relations
Our industrial relations consultancy provides strategic and effective industrial relations advice and representation to businesses.
We focus on the needs of Enterprise in dealing with their obligations, duties and rights in relation to Employment Law and Industrial Relations matters.
With the ever changing nature of Employment Law and Industrial Relations, Waring Employment Advisors keeps on top of the issues facing employers and can offer the following services for all of our corporate clients:

Advice and assistance in relation to:

  • Federal Employment law (including the Fair Work Act 2009) - including interpretation, analysis and representation regarding issues such as:-
    • Federal “Modern” Industrial Awards applying to all industries
    • N.E.S. (Minimum National Employment Standards)
    • Enterprise Agreements
    • Unfair termination proceedings
    • General Protections proceedings.
  • Statutory and common law employment contract issues.
  • The development and implementation of human resource and industrial relations strategies for changing work practices and organisational culture and associated staff training.
  • The establishment of workplace communication and consultation processes.
  • Hours of work and shift arrangements.
  • The interpretation of Agreements, Awards and Statutory Obligations.
  • Dispute procedures, resolution and mediation.
  • Establishing and undertaking counselling and disciplinary processes.
  • Workplace restructuring, terminations and redundancies.

Representation in relation to:

  • All Industrial Relations and employment law matters facing employers.
  • Enterprise Agreement negotiations.
  • Industrial disputes including 'on site' dispute negotiations with either Unions, groups of employees or individuals.
  • Workplace Health and Safety matters.
  • Discrimination matters.
  • Unfair dismissal proceedings.
  • General Protections proceedings.
  • Industrial Tribunal and Court proceedings.
  • Liaising with other Employer Representatives, Union councils and / or government departments on behalf of clients.
Why should you choose us?  
  • We are Industry Specific Practitioners and employee accredited specialists in Employment Law and employment related matters;
  • We are constantly evolving our practice to incorporate the changing face of the law in how we deal with client matters;
  • Waring Legal provides private and secure handling of all our client’s matters;
  • We provide exceptional Customer Service;
  • We strive to be technologically oriented;
  • We provide financially attractive service rates and preferred outcomes for our clients.